Saturday, December 18, 2021

Goals: 3, for day, week, month, year... (book: The Gap and The Gain)

5 Journal Prompts You Should Answer EVERY 30 days | Dr. Benjamin Hardy - YouTube

"journaling is the master tool
there's so much research on journaling as a tool for clearing your mind"

every 30 days just sit down and answer these five questions
  1. Where am I right now
  2. what are my wins from the last 30 days
  3. what are main 3 goals for the next 30 days
  4. main 3 goals for the next 12 months
  5. main 3 goals for the next 3 years
"We are kept from our goal, not by obstacles, but by a clear path to a lesser goal."
- Robert Brault (quoting Hindu scripture The Bhagavad Gita)

goal: "one key outcome" => reverse engineer the path to it

"If you've got more than three priorities, you have none." - Jim Collins

"success is about taking 20 steps in one direction 
whereas busyness is about taking one step in 20 different directions"

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