Saturday, September 23, 2023

meditation books: Dr Joe Dispenza

Walk for the World 2023 | Step Into a New Future September 23, 2023

The Official Website of Dr Joe Dispenza Joe Dispenza: books, biography, latest update

You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter - Kindle edition by Dispenza, Joe. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon - Kindle edition by Dispenza, Joe, Braden, Gregg. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One - Kindle edition by Dispenza, Joe. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @


You Are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza Book Summary | Philosopher's Notes
PNTV: You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza (#190) - YouTube

You Are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza Book Summary | Philosopher's Notes

You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza - Review/Summary | How to exercise the power of your mind. - YouTube by Christopher Dedeyan

Joe Dispenza: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself | Shortform Books

You Are The Placebo - Dr Joe Dispenza (Mind Map Book Summary) - YouTube

Mind Maps - Google Drive


REWIRE Your THOUGHTS and Brain To HEAL Today! Dr Joe Dispenza - YouTube
with Lewis Howes

How To BRAINWASH Yourself For Success & Destroy NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! | Dr. Joe Dispenza - YouTube with Tom Bilyeu

quotes by Joe Dispenza

"Your personality is creating your personal reality" 

"Energy flows where attention goes"

"Gratitude is a catalyst for rewiring the brain"

drjoedispenza - YouTube

5 Steps to Change Your Life - YouTube

GOLOV-20 Meditation (Official Video) - YouTube

Gratitude And How It Creates SUCCESS And Wealth - Joe Dispenza - YouTube

Crash Course: Understanding Brain Waves | Dr. JOE DISPENZA - YouTube

Understanding Brainwaves and Frequencies: A Comprehensive Guide | Muse™ EEG-Powered Meditation & Sleep Headband 

Understanding Brain Waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta + Gamma

Brain Waves - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Saturday, September 9, 2023

book: The Mindful Body by Ellen Langer

The Mindful Body: Thinking Our Way to Chronic Health: Langer, Ellen J.: 9780593497944: Books

Mindful = "Actively noticing"
adopt mindset for uncertainty: everything is constantly changing

Ellen Langer - Wikipedia

The Mindful Body by Ellen J. Langer: 9780593497944 | Books

"In The Mindful Body, Dr. Langer unpacks her assumption-busting findings and outlines her bold new theory of mind-body unity, along the way clearly demonstrating how our thoughts and perspectives have the potential to profoundly shape our well-being. Whether it is hotel chambermaids who lost weight when they simply came to see that their work constituted exercise, or patients whose wounds healed faster in rooms with accelerated clocks, she shows how influential our thoughts are to the state of our bodies. Her work has likewise proven that discouraging health news can have negative effects. Learning you are prediabetic, for example—even if your blood sugar reading is only a fraction away from “normal”—may actually play a part in the development of the disease. A paradigm-shifting book by one of the great psychologists of the twenty-first century, The Mindful Body returns the control over our bodies back to us and reveals that a true understanding of health begins with our minds."


Change Your Mindset, Your Health, Your Life | Dr. Ellen Langer | EP 381 - YouTube
Dr Jordan Peterson podcast

Ellen Langer: Mindfulness over matter - YouTube

Uncertainty and The Power of Possibility | Ellen Langer | Talks at Harvard College - YouTube

PNTV: Counterclockwise by Ellen Langer (#192) - YouTube

PNTV: The Power of Mindful Learning by Ellen Langer (#202) - YouTube

Can Cancer be cured with your mind? Dr. Ellen Langer has more - YouTube

The Mindful Body: Thinking Our Way To Chronic Health - YouTube

Let’s Talk About Mindfulness with Dr. Ellen Langer - YouTube


Dr. Alia Crum: Science of Mindsets for Health & Performance | Huberman Lab Podcast #56 - YouTube

Monday, September 4, 2023

Goals Toolkit by Andrew Huberman

 Goals Toolkit: How to Set & Achieve Your Goals | Huberman Lab Podcast - YouTube

"science-based protocols to set and achieve your goals in a way that maximizes the likelihood of reaching them. I explain how to define a priority and reach a specific goal by systematically assessing the challenge level, measurability, milestones, and action states needed to make progress from start to finish. I also explain research-supported tools to improve your performance during cognitive or physical goal work — including directed visualization, variable reward timing, and optimizing your physical environment. I also dispel common myths about goal setting and achievement. This episode provides a science-supported toolkit of zero-cost strategies for goal-setting, goal-pursuit, and goal-completion that can be applied to any physical or cognitive endeavor."

00:00:00 Goal Setting Toolkit
00:04:43 Biology of Goal Setting & Pursuit
00:08:50 Tool 1: Choose a Priority Goal
00:12:04 Tool 2: Pursue Lofty Goals
00:17:23 Tool 3: Define Verb Actions, Measurability & Specificity; Writing vs. Typing
00:24:06 Tool 4: Visual Reminder Myth; “Post-It Fallacy”
00:26:44 Tool 5: Accountability Myth, “Don’t Tell the World” Rule
00:31:35 Intrinsic Motivation & Goal Achievement
00:33:54 Tool 6: Measurable Goal; Quarterly Cycle
00:37:35 Tool 7: Quantifiable Goals; Book Writing
00:43:34 Tool 8: Visualization of End; Motivation & Negative Thinking
00:51:44 Tool 9: Visual Target/Finish Line Training & Perceived Effort
01:05:50 Tool 10: Distance from Phone
01:08:31 Tool 11: Random, Intermittent Reinforcement; Cognitive Rewards
01:17:11 Tool 12: “Middle Problem”; Time Chunking
01:23:16 Tool 13: Circadian Rhythm & Attention
01:30:09 Tool 14: Protocol Flexibility, Subjective Feelings


Circadian Rhythms in Attention (Yale J Biol Med)

Tim Ferriss “30 Life Hacks I know at 30 that I wish I knew at 20”