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book: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure: 9780470627600: Cardone, Grant: Books


The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone Book Summary | Philosopher's Notes

PNTV: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone (#230) - YouTube 
by Brian Johnson (

Heroic Interview: How to 10x Your Life with Grant Cardone - YouTube

Book Summary: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone by James Clear (Atomic Habits)

The 10X Rule: You must set targets for yourself that are 10X more than what you think you want and then take 10X the action you think is required to get there.
  • Common mistake 1: setting your sights too low.
  • Common mistake 2: underestimating how much action is required.
  • Common mistake 3: spending too much time competing and not enough time dominating their sector.
  • Common mistake 4: underestimating the amount of adversity they will have to overcome.

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone: Summary and Notes - Dan Silvestre

“As long as you are alive,
you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams
or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s.”

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Grant Cardone - 10X Your Business, 10X Your Income, 10X Your Life

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book: Hidden Potential by Adam Grant

Hidden Potential – Adam Grant

Books – Adam Grant

Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things: Grant, Adam: 9780593653142: Books

excellent podcast interview with the author!

Dr. Adam Grant: How to Unlock Your Potential, Motivation & Unique Abilities - Huberman Lab

Dr. Adam Grant: How to Unlock Your Potential, Motivation & Unique Abilities - YouTube

"Dr. Adam Grant, Ph.D., a professor of organizational psychology at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an expert in the science and practical steps for increasing motivation, maximizing and reaching our potential, and understanding how individuals and groups can best flourish. He is also an avid public educator, having written five bestselling books, delivered several top-ranking TED Talks and is the host of two psychology podcasts."


"everyone, not just geniuses and superstars, can achieve great things, providing a three-part framework for developing character skills, sustaining long-term motivation, and designing opportunity systems that allows anyone to grow, learn, and reach their highest heights."

Grant suggests there are 3 key pieces to the latent power–puzzle: 
character skills, sustaining motivation, and systems of opportunity. 
  • Developing your character begins with starting before you feel ready.
  • Progress often feels like going in circles — that’s normal, just keep going.
  • “Brainwriting” is a better technique to produce results in a group than brainstorming meetings.

Book Briefing: 'Hidden Potential' by Adam Grant | Time

Saturday, November 18, 2023

book: Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential by Brian Johnson (Heroic)

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Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential: Brian Johnson, Phil Stutz - foreword: 9798212414074: Books Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential (Audible Audio Edition): Brian C. Johnson, Heroic / Blackstone: Audible Books & Originals

In Areté, Brian Johnson integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools to, as per the sub-title of the book, help you win the ultimate game of life and fulfill your destiny.

name "Arete" mythic origins

It concerns the young Heracles/Hercules who is offered a choice
between Vice and Virtue—a life of pleasure or one of hardship and honor.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

book: Get Smart by Brian Tracy Get Smart!: How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field eBook : Tracy, Brian: Kindle Store

 Get Smart by Brian Tracy - Audiobook -

How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field

= set goals

  1. Always look for the big picture, even if you might not see it clearly.
  2. Think slowly and make time to understand your goals.
  3. Avoid mechanical thinking at all costs.

Get Smart! (2016) offers a variety of tips on how to tap into your unused brainpower and live a happier, more successful life. With a change in your perspective, and an outlook based on long-term positivity, you can discover how to get great results out of life and turn any challenge into an opportunity.

  • “A” tasks are the most important items. They’re things that have consequences if you don’t do them. They may also be those things that have the biggest impact/return. You might call these the “ugly frogs” if you also use the Eat That Frog methodology. If you have more than one of these items on your list, you can list them like this: A-1, A-2, A-3, and so on, in order of importance.
  • “B” tasks have only minor consequences. They’re important but not that important. They may inconvenience someone slightly, or make them a little unhappy but they’re not an A item. If you have an A item on your list, do it first.
  • “C” tasks are the ones that have no consequence. They might be things that are nice to do but really don't move the needle in any way. Move on to these tasks only when there are no A or B tasks left. Finishing your C tasks is the equivalent of inbox zero!
  • "D" stands for delegate. Yep, that's right, these are the tasks that you can delegate. This will free up more of your time and mental energy to work on those A and B tasks. Make sure the task will be an A or B for the assignee, otherwise, you might actually be looking at a “C” or “E” task and you should treat it accordingly.
  • "E" stands for eliminating. Don’t waste time on tasks that don’t move the needle for you or your business. It can feel great to knock out a bunch of tasks, but in reality, you are setting yourself back when spending time on anything other than A and B tasks.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

book: The Tools by Barry Michels, Phil Stutz

The Tools: 5 Tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower-and Inspire You to Live Life in Forward Motion: Stutz, Phil, Michels, Barry: 9780812983043: Books

a tool - unlike an attitude adjustment- requires you to do something
  • Tool #1: The Reversal of DesireThe Higher Force: Forward Motion 
  • Tool #2: Active LoveThe Higher Force: Outflow 
  • Tool #3: Inner AuthorityThe Higher Force: Self-Expression
  • Tool #4: The Grateful FlowThe Higher Force: The Source 
  • Tool #5: JeopardyThe Higher Force: Willpower  
1.  If we want to have a shot at actualizing our potential, we need to “reverse our desire” and, rather than crawl up in a little ball and try to avoid pain, we want to discipline ourselves to GET EXCITED about the challenges in our lives. ... our infinite potential exists on the other side of our comfort zones and that the only way to break through to that infinite potential is to BRING ON!! the pain, learn to love it, and use it to catalyze our growth. 

2. You ever get stuck in a mental loop—where you’re looping around in your head again and again and again about all the things someone has done that annoy you? Stutz and Michels call that “The Maze” We want to notice when we’re stuck in the maze and get out. How? Use the Active Love tool. Focus on your heart and, rather than mentally beat the person up who annoyed you, beam them love.

3. "Shadow": part of you that you most despise and prefer to hide from the world? Well, we need to bring that darkness to light. Without integrating those aspects of ourselves we’re ashamed of, we can’t fully trust ourselves and express ourselves with authority.

4. gratitude is scientifically proven to boost our mood ... Discipline your mind to *always* see the amazing things in your life. Get your grateful flow flowing. There’s no better way to connect to the Source of all higher forces/joy/love/all-things-good than gratitude.

5. Imagine yourself on your deathbed. You have NO MORE MOMENTS to live. Guess what? That version of you wishes you’d finally do the things you know are best for you. Use the Jeopardy Tool to tap into your ultimate power: Willpower.

Instead of seeing problems as an expression of a “condition” whose cause was the past, we needed to see them as a catalyst for developing forces that were already present, lying dormant inside us.

Whatever your comfort zone consists of, you pay a huge price for it. Life provides endless possibilities, but along with them comes pain. If you can’t tolerate pain, you can’t be fully alive.
A sense of purpose doesn’t come from thinking about it. It comes from taking action that moves you toward the future. The moment you do this, you activate a force more powerful than the desire to avoid pain. We call this the “Force of Forward Motion.” 

THE TOOLS: book's web site

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