Wednesday, February 28, 2018

book: Building a StoryBrand

Building a StoryBrand | Clarify Your Message so Customers Will Listen

"if you confuse, you lose; noise is the enemy,
and creating a clear message is the best way to grow your business."

Storybrand Website Reviews | Donald Miller | EntreLeadership Takeaways - YouTube

Storybrand One Liner Exercise | Donald Miller | EntreLeadership Takeaways - YouTube

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen: Donald Miller: 9780718033323: Books

"One-Liner" is one sentence that capture the brand, that attracts right away (i.e. for movie, one-liner is worth $50K - $1M)

"What do yo do?" : Answer is a 3-part sentence:
  1. Identify your customer's problem ("open, start story with the specific problem, pain point")
  2. Explain your plan to help them ("here is what we do to solve the problem. Make it feel like a new idea, a differentiation") Make it brief, understandable
  3. Successful ending to their story. ("so that...  a summary") Make it controlling idea of your business!
storybrand Bonuses

"Here is nearly every story you see or hear, in a nutshell: 
  1. A CHARACTER who wants something 
  2. encounters a PROBLEM before they can get it. 
  3. At the peak of their despair, a GUIDE steps into their lives, 
  4. gives them a PLAN, 
  6. That action helps them avoid FAILURE 
  7. and ends in a SUCCESS."
Book Review - StoryBrand

Examples ("to repeat hundreds of times")

"Most businesses struggle to talk about what they offer.
We have a process that helps them clarify their message,
so their companies start growing again."

"Most people can't get their heads around their financial future
so we created a financial map that puts all your info on a weekly dashboard
giving you peace of mind about your finances"

"Nobody likes to haggle with a car salesman
so we removed the salesman entirely. You can chose and test drive a car hassle free
so you have a peaceful experience getting the car you want"

5minutemarketingmakeover – Revolutionize your marketing

Human brain: 1. trying to survive; 2. trying to conserve energy;
constantly filtering information, what is important and what is not.
Goal: organize information so that people can say: "I need that"

Complex info needs too much energy to figure out the message. 
Avoid "the curse of knowledge:" we are too close to our products and services. 
Organize information for the people you are talking to.
After 5 seconds looking web site they should be able to answer:
  1. What is that you offer?
  2. How will it make my life better?
  3. What do I need to do to buy it?
  1. Easy to understand "tagline," clear message
  2. Obvious call for action ("one button to press")
  3. Visually show success of solving customer's problem
  4. Break product in "bite-size" categories (organize for them)
  5. Clear communication of "BrandScript" (messaging) 
Story Marketing: 
  • Customer = Hero; Your Brand = Guide
  • Story is not about yourself, the story is about the customer
  • Be empathetic. Customer is on a journey, and has a problem. 
  • Establish authority. Don't brag to much, that is insecure. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Amazon's Jeff Bezos: principles

Amazon's Jeff Bezos: Lessons in Management at I.A. Gala 2017 - YouTube

Amazon common approach, principles:
  1. Customer obsession
    (vs. product, technology or competitor obsession)
  2. (Willing and eager to) invent and pioneer
    Customer obsession is not just listening to the customer,
    it is also inventing on behalf of the customers
  3. Long term orriented
    Think in 5-7 years time-frame (not 2-3 years)

"...the main job of a senior leader is 
to identify two or three important ideas and then to enforce great execution 
against those big ideas
and the good news is that 
the big ideas are usually incredibly easy to identify
you shouldn't need to think about them
very much you already know what they are
let me give you an example for Amazon
the consumer business the three big ideas are 
low prices fast delivery and vast selection..."

Friday, February 2, 2018