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Architecture patterns, philosophy: Christopher Alexander

 Christopher Alexander - Wikipedia

was an Austrian-born British-American architect and design theorist. He was an emeritus professor at the University of California, Berkeley. His theories about the nature of human-centered design have affected fields beyond architecture, including urban design, software, and sociology

in software, Alexander is regarded as the father of the pattern language movement. The first wiki—the technology behind Wikipedia—led directly from Alexander's work, according to its creator, Ward Cunningham. Alexander's work has also influenced the development of agile software development.

In architecture, Alexander's work is used by a number of different contemporary architectural communities of practice, including the New Urbanist movement, to help people to reclaim control over their own built environment.

Understanding Christopher Alexander, with Brent Ryan - YouTube

book: A Pattern Language - Wikipedia

The book creates a new language, what the authors call a pattern language derived from timeless entities called patterns. A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction: Books

The Timeless Way of Building: Alexander, Christopher: Books


It is primarily seen as a book about architecture, but is also a book about a way of life. Alexander wrote the book in a beautiful way, with one or two lines in italics that sum up the general principals of his thinking, followed by unitalicized prose that dives deeper in the specific applications to architecture and design. He suggests reading the italicized parts first, then going back and re-reading the entire book



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