Saturday, April 15, 2023

Tony Robbins: The Success Cycle; why => how

 Tony Robbins | If Your Goal Doesn’t Scare You, Find a New Goal | LinkedIn

1. Change your SHOULDS into MUSTS;
  • Reasons come first; answers come second. 
  • If you have a strong enough why, you can do anything.
2. Don’t fall into the trap of “the tyranny of how”
  • People ask how first. This is the wrong place to start
    because you’ve never done anything like this before,
     so even subconsciously, your mind will trick you into thinking you can’t do it.
3. Tap into the power of momentum
  • Success breeds momentum.
  • massive action - massive results
4. So how can you create certainty?
  • You produce the result so perfectly, vivid, clear,
    and emotionally associated in your mind first.

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