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"Ericsson identifies three different types of practicing.
  • The most basic type of practicing is naïve practice, the generic rather mediocre practicing that children muddle through as they go from piano lesson to piano lesson. They will not become star performers, nor do they intend to.
  • A much more effective type of practice is what Ericsson calls purposeful practice.
    Purposeful practice is not simply repetition. Instead, it is characterized by well-defined, specific goals. Instead of just playing a piece over and over, purposeful practice would require the piano student to play the entire piece three times in a row with no mistakes. The guiding principle of purposeful practice is to take baby steps –– a bunch of them that, little by little, helps you reach the goal.
    • There are other characteristics that separate purposeful practice from naïve practice:
    • Purposeful practice is focused. Students must give it their full attention.
    • Purposeful practice involves feedback. Immediate, specific feedback on where students are falling short is vital.
    • Purposeful practice requires leaving one’s comfort zone. If students aren’t pushing themselves beyond what is comfortable and familiar, they will not advance.
  • Deliberate practice also pushes people out of their comfort zone and involves feedback and focus. However, deliberate practice is different from purposeful practice because it is based on proven techniques developed by past experts. “Deliberate practice is purposeful practice that knows where it is going and how to get there,”
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K. Anders Ericsson Quote: “Excellence demands effort and planned, deliberate practice of increasing difficulty.”

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Peak: How to Master Anything | Productivity Game (SPICE acronym)
  • Specific performance target  
  • Periods of intense undistracted focus
  • Immediate feedback 
  • Cycling between comfort and discomfort 
  • Expert coaching from proven performers  

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