Sunday, October 29, 2017

Brian Johnson: Optimize, Philosophers Notes, +1's

What hat is a "philosopher?"
Direct translation from ancient Greek is "lover of wisdom"

A Philosopher’s Notes – The Book | Optimize with Brian Johnson
A free eBook and audiobook, with wisdom from 100 great books

We improve by making incremental optimizations, small decisions in positive direction, +1 instead of miss-takes that are -1. Good ideas can help to make right choice, and this is what +1's are: nuggets of wisdom from great books.

...Water only boils once it reaches its activation energy point of 212 degrees. 100 degrees certainly won’t do it. 200 degrees won’t do it. Not even 210 degrees will do it. Simmering but not boiling.
Want to boil? Gotta get the heat all the way up to 212. Then you’ll undergo the “specified reaction” and boil.
Same rules apply with fire. 451 degrees is the magic ticket there. Rub two sticks together and get to 400 degrees? Nothing. 449? Nothing. 450? Nope. Nothing.
451? BAM! Let there be light.

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