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Be Your Future Self Now    Dr. Benjamin Hardy


PART 1: 7 Threats to Your Future Self

Threat #1: Without hope in your future, your present loses meaning
Threat #2: A reactive narrative about your past stunts your future
Threat #3: Being unaware of your environment creates a random evolution
Threat #4: Being disconnected to your Future Self leads to myopic decisions
Threat #5: Urgent battles and small goals keep you stuck, even with extreme effort
Threat #6: Not being in the arena is failing by default
Threat #7: Success is often the catalyst for failure

PART 2: 7 Truths About Your Future Self

Truth #1: Your future drives your present
Truth #2: Your Future Self is different than you expect
Truth #3: Your Future Self is the Pied Piper
Truth #4: Your Future Self is based on what you’re actively measuring
Truth #5: Failing as your Future Self is better than succeeding as your current self
Truth #6: Success is achieved by being true to your Future Self, nothing else
Truth #7: Your view of God impacts your Future Self

PART 3: 7 Steps to Be Your Future Self

Step #1: Define your contextual purpose
Step #2: Eliminate all lesser goals
Step #3: Elevate from needing to wanting to knowing
Step #4: Ask for exactly what you want
Step #5: Automate and systemize your Future Self
Step #6: Schedule your Future Self
Step #7: Aggressively complete imperfect work

A Massive Threat to Having a Pessimistic Future Outlook | Psychology Today
  • Being connected to your longer-term future self leads to proactive and positive behaviors.
  • With a fear-based or pessimistic future outlook, you're unlikely to make long-term investments in that future.

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