Sunday, September 24, 2023

neuro - music vs anxiety

How to Use Music to Boost Motivation, Mood & Improve Learning | Huberman Lab Podcast - YouTube

"... your brain and body are fundamentally wired to perceive and respond to music and how those responses can be leveraged to improve your mood, allow for processing sad emotions and enhance learning and performance. 
... the data showing how music can increase motivation for cognitive or physical work, what specific music has been shown to enhance cognitive performance, and whether silence or music is more effective in enhancing focus while studying. 
...specific musical pieces can rapidly reduce anxiety, as well as certain prescription medications. 
... listening to certain types of music can improve various health metrics (e.g., heart rate). 
... music helps to enhance neuroplasticity (rewiring of brain connections), thereby improving learning and memory."

" there are data that have explored whether or not specific musical stimuli
can be used to significantly reduce anxiety in particular

one published out of the University of Pennsylvania
shows that people that listen to a particular song
experience up to 65 percent reductions in their anxiety

that's a significant reduction in anxiety
was accomplished with just three minutes of listening to this one particular song:"



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