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The Art of Learning — Josh Waitzkin


Book Summary and Notes: The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin - TuningJohn

Techniques of top level performers:
  • Take detailed notes of training, workouts, and competitions. Include the feeling or mindset at the time, performance at the highest levels is differentiated largely by psychology.
  • Frame errors and mistakes not as excuses but as opportunities for learning and improvement.
  • Do not allow one mistake to lead to bad mental states that cause further errors.
  • Willing to lose over and over if it is a learning experience and leads to wins later.
  • Complete mastery of the most basic, fundamental concepts. Practice these slowly, methodically, thoroughly, and repeatedly, speeding up only when the form is absolutely perfect.
  • Start combining those fundamental concepts only after mastery, then forming connections between the concepts as a sort of neural network.
  • Find ways to use injuries or natural disadvantages to create advantages. Likewise, artificially create disadvantages to practice difficult situations and build resilience, and to discover techniques not discovered by following the standard methods.
  • Play psychological tricks and feints to dupe opponents into failing. Similarly, train against these tricks yourself.
  • Rest harder and deeper than competitors. Train recovery periods to be as short as possible.
  • Meticulous review of past games and trainings.
  • Become expert in positions and techniques considered to be weak by others, lead others into it intentionally, and dominate the position and having the advantage.

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