Saturday, May 15, 2021

book: Essentialism Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (9780753555163): McKeown, Greg: Books

Table of Contents: Essentialism

  • Part I: Essence. The essentialist
  • Choose: the invincible power of choice
  • Discern: the unimportance of practically everything
  • Trade-off: Which problem do I want?
  • Part II: Explore. Escape: the perks of being unavailable
  • Look: see what really matters
  • Play: embrace the wisdom of your inner child
  • Sleep: protect the asset
  • Select: the power of extreme criteria
  • Part III: Eliminate. Clarify: one decision that makes a thousand
  • Dare: the power of a graceful "no"
  • Uncommit: win big by cutting your losses
  • Edit: the invisible art
  • Limit: the freedom of setting boundaries
  • Part IV: Execute. Buffer: the unfair advantage
  • Subtract: bring forth more by removing obstacles
  • Progress: the power of small wins
  • Flow: the genius of routine
  • Focus: What's important now?
  • Be: the essentialist life
  • Appendix: Leadership essentials.

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