Saturday, January 27, 2024

Tony Robbins: hero's journey, the path, 7 steps

Tony Robbins - YouTube

Time to Rise Summit Day 3: 7 Steps: Your Path to an Extraordinary Life - YouTube

Time to Rise Summit Day 2: Expand Your Identity & Relationships - YouTube

Time to Rise Summit Day 1: Break Through in 2024 - YouTube

Tony Robbins presents the Time to Rise Summit 2024

condensed interview version

The 5 Blockades Keeping You From Success, and How to Overcome Them - YouTube

  1. Awaken your hunger, desire
  2. Find & face the truth
  3. MAP: Massive Action Plan
  4. Do what is hard
  5. Develop daily practice
  6. Raise your standards
  7. Celebrate, appreciate, give back


Star Wars - Wikipedia

The 7 Steps of the Hero’s Journey and How to Follow Them - YouTube (Tony Robbins with Tucker Carlson)

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