Thursday, November 2, 2017

Decisions: Ben Franklin Method and more

Decide | Definition of Decide by Merriam-Webster
  • to make a final choice or judgment about
  • to select as a course of action 
  • to infer on the basis of evidence
Sacrifices vs. Decisions | Optimize with Brian Johnson
"The Latin root of the word decide literally means “to cut off.” 
When we make a true decision, we CUT OFF all other options and go ALL IN."

How to Make Good Decision, From Ben Franklin | The Art of Manliness
“My way is to divide half a sheet of paper by a line into two columns; 
writing over the one Pro and over the other Con.
Then during three or four days’ consideration,
I put down under the different heads short hints of the different motives,
that at different time occur to me, for or against the measure.
When I have thus got them altogether in one view, I endeavor to estimate their respective weights; and where I find two, one on each side, that seem equal, I strike them both out.
If I judge some two reasons con equal to some three reasons pro, I strike out five;
and thus proceeding, I find where the balance lies; and if after a day or two of further consideration, nothing new that is of importance occurs on either side, I come to a determination accordingly.”
–Benjamin Franklin

A "spreadsheet variation" of Ben Franklin's method:
  1. Make your columns.
  2. List the important elements of your decision.
  3. List the importance factor of each element
  4. Grade the choices in relation to each element. 
  5. Multiply the importance factor by the grades for each choice
  6. Add up the totals
decision balance sheet decide like ben franklin
Here is a great book that explore making decisions from many interesting angles

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